Over 56 000 individuals vaccinated against Yellow Fever in Morobo, Lainya and Yei River Counties

Returnee from the camp ventures into agriculture

Coffee growing flourish in Yei River County


Authorities in Yei River County have put in place administrative measures aimed at addressing social crimes allegedly arising from social and cultural events such as funeral overnight prayers – also known as organ and night clubs including discos.

The Commissioner of Yei River County Honorable Aggrey Cyrus Kanyikwa issued a Local Order early this month banning the above events; citing increase in crime rate Such as rape of young girls and intoxicated women, teenagers, young adults and school-goers. The Order also suggests relevant disciplinary measures as well as economic penalties against any violations.

The Executive Director of Yei River County Mr. Timon Wani said that, the citizens’ view of the Order is positive based on the opinion of the audience that called the studios of Spirit FM and Easter Radio respectively during two radio talkshows. Though, some voices have also been raised on the issue of economic penalties which the citizens warn should not be aimed at generating revenues from the people.

Mr. Wani, together with the Chief Inspector of Police Brig Gen Dominic Saboni Tobo, Paramount Chief of Yei Mr. Joseph Brown and the leader of Yei River County Youth Association Johnson Poru Hillary said the outcome of the Order is yet to be seen as its enforcement is being monitored.

Hon. Aggrey Cyrus Kanyikwa, the Commissioner for Yei River County is eager to light up momori Dam to become a potential and viable source of renewable energy for Yei.

Today the 22nd of March 2022 Aggrey Kanyikwa visited Momori, a historic dam which was established in 1942 whose water was used to irrigate teak, mango and other tree species for Kargulu, Kajiko and Loka teak plantations as well as Yei, Morobo, Kajokeji and Lainya homestead and roadsides.

The visit was to reinforced the Commissioner’s agenda to restore Yei Electric Corporation (YECO), a USAID-funded project that ended recently prior to the December 2013 conflict due to a couple of factors.

The dam was abandoned during the World War II and Anya Nya I revolution thus, ceasing to perform its initial purpose. Hon. Kanyikwa observed that the dam presents potential opportunities in terms of providing a viable source of renewable energy that his administration – with support of the development partners could tap. Unfortunately, today, the dam is being vandalised by some individuals for personal gains.

Yei River County Administrator’s conducted their second Ordinary Executive Council Sitting Chaired by Hon Aggrey Cyrus Kanyikwa, Commissioner of Yei River County – YRC at the former State Government Secretariat Meeting Hall.

The 2021/2022 budget has been approved with amendments which authorized the County Youth and Sports Unit to be administered under the County Education Department and incorporated the Customary Law Council, County Revenue Authority and County Land Authority as part of the 2021/22 Plan and Budget.

The Two (2) days Policy framework conference held at the Youth Garden kicked off between 25th to 26th March, 2022 with over 150 participants drawn from educational intellectuals, Staff of the County Education Departments and other Departments, School Management Bodies, PTAs, Head Teachers, Students and pupils, Chiefs,) parents, SCOs and NGOs supporting education activities. The Conference was called by Hon Aggrey Cyrus Kanyikwa, Commissioner of Yei River County and organized by the County Education Department with its education partners as led by Plan International. The1st DG of the State Ministry of General Education of Central Equatoria State, Mr Amule Felix was the Guest Speaker of the Conference throughout the conference.

During the opening remarks Hon Aggrey Cyrus Kanyikwa, Commissioner Yei River County called on the Conference participants to collectively remove common obstacles to education and engaged every person to participate in ensuring that no child is left uneducated. He emphasized that the conference is intended to enforce all childrens to complete fully their 12 years in primary and secondary school.

During the closing today Hon. Kanyikbwa Commissioner Yei River County directed that the County Education Department to assign more School Inspectors to enhance inspections to ensure quality education standard and environment is attained and parents and Chiefs are directed to leave no child roaming outside schools and classes.

The Commissioner further directed that all schools shall set aside parents day to enable teachers interact with parents over performance of each child. Hon Kanyikwa announced that parents who do not follow children and visit schools to assist teachers improve on the education of their children shall be punished. He further announced for opening of Alternative Learning Classes for Secondary School students at Yei Day Secondary School to enable girls whose education have been delayed because of the conflict or any other circumstances continue with their education.

The Executive Director mentioned that to improve education standard, the County shall invest in massive training of teachers.

The 1st DG, Mr. Amule Felix called for establishment of satelite school to be model schools that shall propel quality education. He further called for compulsory teacher training as the Conference found out that 80% of teachers are not trained.

The people of Abegi and Rubeke have again today shown their humility as peace lovers during the reconciliation meeting with the SSPDF and government. I chaired the meeting together with the County Peace Committee held at Abegi Church.

The meeting attracted over one hundred elders, women, youth, landlords and church leaders and the SSPDF. The meeting seek to reconcile the people and SSPDF after death of two SSPDF soldiers were found dead in separate incidences at Abegi and Rubeke. The SSPDF responded by killing two civilians after following the foot mark of the second killer entering residential areas in the village.

The meeting was with full of bitterness but frank and truthfulness which resolved many differences that had long existed between the SSPDF and community.

The meeting authorized ban on the local brews, severe punishments to roaming soldiers and pursuit of judicial course for the culprits to face justice. The meeting appreciated the SSPDF command in Yei for apprehending the SSPDF culprits whose trial are on the way next week.

In this respect, I declared return of all the IDPs to their houses, opening of schools, churches and health care center and removal of illegal money collections at Abegi by SSPDF from community travelling to Yei.

I have also announced Moris Kamadala to act as Executive Chief to coordinate with the County Administrator on any administrative issues that may arise.

The trade relations initiative between the DR Congo and Yei, South Sudan have yielded positive results following Hon. Kanyikwa’s recent visit to the DR Congo between 13 and 14 April 2022

Representatives of the two sisterly countries Hon. Kanyikwa and Deputy Governor of Haut-Uele representing the Governor signed a final communique ensuring improved trade, border security and free human movement. This initiative was of the current Central Equatoria Governor, H.E. Emanuel Adil Anthony Wani prior to the revitalized Central Equatoria Government (2020). Initially, re-opening of Ladu-Abba border, improvement of traffic and human security and re-establishment of Libogo market were among the most prominent negotiating concerns.

The leadership of Central Equatoria remains committed to pursuing peaceful neighborhood with the DR Congo while ensuring safety and security of her borders.

Hon. Kanyikwa, Commissioner of Yei River County was yesterday the 16th of April 2022 joined by a delegation of legislatures from the Council of States and National as well as State Assembly constituting what was termed as interparliamentary and interparty caucus to reconcile the community of Ombasi and the military in the area, thus, resulting to the re-opening of the market there.

Relatedly, Samuel Khemis Modi was elected the new Executive Chief of Ombasi Boma as per the people’s demand mandate to ensure order in the area.

The Local Government Council in Yei River County remains committed and pledges to continue facilitating reconciliation process at all levels across the County to return the County to normalcy.

During the Bell Ringing which is to set the senior four (4) students to sit for their final examinations and by good luck send them off to advance University, Commissioner Kanyikwa said; its an opportunity for the children of Yei River County who are attending their South Sudan Secondary school Exam's for the year 2022

Aggrey further promise parents, community and people of Yei River County and South Sudan with hope and confidence that a better future for South Sudan shall be in the hands of their children's

The Commissioner mentioned that there are two centers in Yei for sitting this year's exams with over 466 registered students and their first paper was chemistry.

It is expected that this year's performance results shall be better than last year and the Commissioner promised to offer scholarships for those whose results shall be outstanding



"Yei River County Football Club lifts up the Peace Tournament after beating Morobo County Football Club 2 – 0"

Ayite Susan ,Press Secretary office of the commissioner Yei River County

Date;31st May 2022,


In a marvelous tournament organized by Yei River County and Reconcile International – a National NGO operating from Yei in response to Hon Commissioner of Yei River County’s earlier call to the reinstatement of the peace tournament as one of the tools to promote peaceful coexistence.
The tournament involved different communities in Yei including: Bahr El Ghazal, Eastern Equatoria, Kajokeji County, Lainya County, Morobo County, Upper Nile and Western Equatoria.
In his closing remarks as he hands over various awards including the trophy, Hon Aggrey Cyrus Kanyikwa appreciated the participation and support the County received from Reconcile International as represented by the Executive Director, Rev Peter Tibbi.
# The Hon Commissioner further called all citizens of South Sudan in Yei River County that “Life together is indeed life in peace”.
Hon. Kanyikwa reiterating that the tournament be used to strengthen peace, love and unconditional unity in order to move the country forward from the slavery of hate, bitterness and hopelessness.
The Commissioner of Yei River County congratulated all the community clubs who participated in the tournament and pledge to organize traditional dance competitions to mark our 2022 Independence Day celebration.
The tournament was also attended by the newly consecrated Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Yei, His Lordship Msgr Rev Alex Lodiong Sakor Eyobo , Fr Emmanuel – the Diocesan Secretary General, County Staffs, UN, NGO, CSOs and thousands of spectators.


The South Sudan People’s Defense Forces (SSPDF) General Court Martial was Launched by Hon Aggrey Cyrus Kanyikwa, the Commissioner of Yei River County


The South Sudan People’s Defense Forces (SSPDF) General Court Martial was Launched by Hon Aggrey Cyrus Kanyikwa, the Commissioner of Yei River County, Hon Kanyikwa, praised H.E Gen Salva Kiir Mayardit, the President of the Republic of South Sudan and Commander in Chief of the SSPDF and Supreme Commander of the Organized Forces for approving the constitution of the General Court Martial.
The Commissioner further appreciated the efforts of H.E Emmanuel Adil Anthony, Governor of CES in coordinating with the President and Chief of Defense Forces, Gen Santino Deng Wol to enable the GCM resumes their duties. It is with the commitment of the CDF that the Commissioner applauded as symbolism of leadership in the SSPDF and the consistency in command by Brig Gen John Lual, CDR of Yei and Morobo Forces in building military and civil confidence and discipline.
The Commissioner commended the GCM team of 7 as led by Maj Gen Kong for accepting this noble task.
Hon.Kanyikwa emphasized that our country needs peace, justice and development, that there cannot be peace and development where justice is denied. He said "God has granted us our National and this nation needs our obedience and love. That if we don't obey and love God and our nation, then we are rebellious. Where we are led by rebellious hearts and minds against our God and Nation then we are a cursed generation.
Being rebellious is not what is expected out of us as we are doing today against our Nation. Because of our selfishness and greed that careless of our destiny we may lose the chances for peace and development".
Hon. Kanyikwa adds; the conflict in South Sudan is not ending because we have replaced obedience, love and unity with hate, bitterness and cheating. We need to come out from the bondage of evil to pursue justice and that what our country is built from".
The Hon Commissioner called those who are aggrieved and fallen victims of these rebellious actions to come out to witness the dawn of justice being executed in Yei and those accused to accept the court proceedings as correctional measure to their mistakes. He reiterated that the GCM is here to award justice so that our nation is respected and honored by the world again.
In attendance were His Lordship Msgr Rev Alex Lodiong Sakor Eyobo , Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Yei and Executive Secretary of the Muslim Council, SPLM County Interim Secretary, Cde Ale Satimon, County Youth Leader and UMISS Representative.
In his remarks Bishop Msgr Rev Alex Sakor Eyobo praised the court establishment as one positive step in awarding justice and called the Court to exercise fairness as they conduct the proceedings.
The Court hearing was then Launched and adjourned for Friday 3rd, June, 2022 at 9:00 am and shall continue to 5:00 PM every week day.