The Local Government Council (LGC) comprises of three main bodies:

The County Legislative Council has 35 members who are yet to be established under the leadership of the Chairperson (Speaker). The County Legislative Council is one of the most important institutions in the County. It is the supreme organ at the County Level which plays a legislative role as well as providing policy direction to the County Government.

Under the Customary Law Council, there exist the;

The Boma is the main domain and seat of Local Government within a community setup in South Sudan according to Local Government Act, 2009.

There are eight departments under the County Administration which include;

Other departments that are attached to the County Government which are either of the State or the National Government include;

  • The Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC)
  • National Directorate of Forestry
  • Yei Civil Hospital
  • Immigration Department and Alien Conrol
  • National and State Revenue Authorities.